Why Moms Work From Home

why moms work from home

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Have you ever wondered why moms work from home?

It seems simplest to go to work and drop the kids off with a care provider. It’s what most people do.

Some mothers always know that they will be stay at home moms. However, they wish that they could contribute more to the family’s finances.  Other moms intend to continue working full-time only to realize everyone is suffering in the end.

Being both a mother and a provider can feel impossible.  Every mom has an ideal image of what her life “should” look like.

We are constantly bombarded with perfect images of assertive career women who are also mothers. These incredible women apparently “do it all”:

  • Climb the corporate ladder.
  • Look perfectly polished and calm no matter the work or parenting challenge.
  • Make gluten-free, paleo, organic, locally sourced, homemade meals every single day.
  • Remember to buy the toilet paper.
  • Exercise and meditate daily.
  • Organize everyone’s schedule.
  • Throw Pinterest-perfect parties with everything made from scratch by their own two hands.
  • Spend quality time with their partners regularly every week.
  • Volunteer their time at school and charity events.
  • Attend every performance or sports scrimmage.
  • Keep their houses immaculately clean and organized.
  • Maintain their sanity and a bright demeanor.

I’m not sure about you, but I am far from convinced these women actually exist.

This parody video by Jono and Ben of a woman being interrupted during a BBC interview is meant as a joke, but I think most mothers can relate despite the over the top hilarity:

The thing is, something’s gotta give.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a working mother.  There is nothing wrong with doing your best to “do it all”. Mothers who work outside of the home are truly amazing individuals.

But we are human. Sometimes “doing it all” in the way society presents is not the best choice for our own happiness.

 Working away from home can cost a LOT. A lot of time. A lot of money. A lot of missed experiences. A lot of stress.

More and more women are realizing that the costs of working outside of their homes is too high. They want to be with their children and families more. They want their sanity. They want a healthier life balance.


why moms work from home

These are just some of the reasons why moms work from home. According to Parenting more women than ever are seeking alternatives to a traditional 9-5 job.

More and more women are “doing it all” on their own terms.

These determined mothers are prioritizing their visions of motherhood and their families’ bottom lines.

They are becoming entrepreneurs, bloggers, and remote employees. Becoming a “work at home mother” can be the perfect solution for many families.

Stay at home mothers and working mothers alike are realizing they can earn a respectable living while prioritizing balance in their lives.

Mothers can work from home in countless ways. With some creativity almost anyone can figure out ways to earn some income from home.

Here is just a handful of ideas for mothers considering a career change to work from home:

  1. Previous career women are finding creative ways to market their finely tuned skill sets through outlets such as:
    • blogging
    • virtual office hours
    • remote positions
    • consulting work
  2. Crafty mothers are having major success with marketplaces like Etsy.
  3. Some moms find the extremely flexible hours of countless contract positions to be the best fit for their lives.
  4. The best solutions are often the simplest. Many moms provide childcare or tutoring services.  Some even teach a skill like piano or guitar.
  5. Many mothers have discovered that blogging can create an income stream and provide an outlet.

Whether they always planned to stay home with their children or they’ve realized it’s the best choice for their lives, many women find that working from home makes the most sense for their dreams.


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  2. Kristyn Schultz

    My thoughts and feelings exactly! I keep telling my husband it isn’t the 90’s anymore. There are so many opportunities to create income right from your home and not miss out on precious family time while our kids our young.

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      I’m seriously discovering even more ways to generate income from home almost daily (although I certainly haven’t been able to explore most of them yet).

  3. Jessica

    I love this blog post so much! Thank you!

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Elizabeth

    Great post. I’ve worked at home since my kids were born. It’s hard sometimes but I always have to remind myself of how much harder it would be if I had to leave everyday. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading- and it’s great to hear you’ve made working from home work for you!

  5. Joanna

    I love working from home! While I do enjoy getting out of the house, I think there is a ton of value in WAHM or women who don’t work the traditional 9-5.

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      I’m glad it works for your family!

  6. Kaity

    I’m a former working Mom turned SAHM turning WAHM. (Did you follow that? Lol) Working at home with kids definitely has its challenges. It’s hard not to feel stretched too thin, but it feels good knowing that I’m contributing to our family’s income and padding my resume for whenever I do decide to return to work!

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      I did follow that 🙂 It definitely has it’s challenges! I’m glad you’re enjoying contributing to your family’s income from home.

  7. Sane Mama

    I’ve been home in some capacity while raising my kids. I worked full time telecommuting, part time for a startup, full time stay at home mom, freelance copywriter, and I have a blog. It still doesn’t feel perfect… but I am confident I’ll find my groove.

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      I hope one day soon you find exactly the right fit for you.

  8. rachel

    I agree. This is why I’m a WAHM. It supplements income and I can ‘have it all’ by being with my kiddos. and it’s funny because I thought that the video hit really close to home too. Almost like, it’s not a funny video at all because we’re expected to manage it all??

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      Exactly, a bit too real! Glad it’s working out for you!


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