We Rescued a Kitten

Little Miss has been asking for a kitten for months. We have a dog (Hampton) whom we inherited from my uncle, but LM has always seemed to prefer cats.

After our abysmal failure at a fish tank we took the plunge . We are 3 months in on a fishless cycle and still not ready for fish, we want to be certain it’s habitable- we killed way too many fish completely unintentionally when we first got the thing. We had no idea the amount of effort goes into a simple aquarium… So the fish have been “hiding” for months…not a stellar parenting moment. Sigh.


In better news our rescue kitten seems to be integrating into our family well. LM vacillates between ecstatic and terrified (she saw me receive an accidental kitty scratch). The dog is adjusting, as is the kitten. They’re working out an agreement but aren’t quite there yet. On the plus side they were able to coexist with minimal refereeing in the kitchen today. They’ll get there!

We went through a rescue called Feline Lifeline. LM and I stumbled upon them several weeks ago during an adoption event at PetCo. One of their volunteers invited us to play with a grey tabby kitten, little did I know LM would insist on visiting her every few days and calling her her “her kitten”. Our adoptee’s name was “Star”; however, LM has dubbed her Charley Girl which I adore. Now she’s here with us and I’m enjoying the kitten cuddles and antics the most I think. Teaching the Bearded Man and LM about kittens has been cute as hell though.

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