Trim Healthy Table: An Honest Review

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Trim Healthy Table by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison is the newest cookbook in my arsenal.

I love the original Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to shell out the money to buy it, but my sweet mother-in-law gifted me a copy when she bought hers. Yay!

If you’re not familiar, Trim Healthy Mama is a diet plan that focuses primarily on separating fat from carbs during meals (basically a type of carb cycling). It also emphasizes careful carb selection and intake to maintain healthy blood sugar and insulin levels.

So basically, it’s a pretty well-rounded eating approach, especially with a condition like PCOS. Heck, it was even approved by another family member’s cardiac doctor after open-heart surgery.

It’s good stuff, y’all. While we don’t follow the Trim Healthy Mama Plan to a T currently, we still benefit from it.

My primary love affair with Trim Healthy Mama outside of it’s benefits for my PCOS journey is that it is incredibly friendly for food allergy families.

Our house is gluten- and corn-free.


Like seriously, corn is everywhere, my friends. Everywhere. Even on food containers as a coating. Seriously.

So basically all the things are off-limits…except with Trim Healthy Mama recipes we can have pretty spot-on (or better!) healthy versions of our favorite things while avoiding allergens.

Major win.

So, I need to go ahead and lay something out there for y’all. I am not being paid to write this post (well, unless you’re kind enough to buy something through one of my affiliate links).

But, I am honestly loving the new Trim Healthy Table cookbook. Forreals. I have been eager to try all the things.

Which, you know, with a four year old and very nearly two year old translates into “some of the things while trying to keep the world from ending”.

It’s a season of life. A season I treasure so dearly. That’s not facetious, I really do feel like having PCOS has blessed me with a greater sense of urgency to appreciate how fleeting this stage of life will actually be.

But good gracious it can be hard to cook (among other things) sometimes!

Trim Healthy Table: The Stellar

trim healthy table

So far I have made the Dreamy Chicken Lazone (pg 50) which was super simple and delicious. So delicious that my dog stole my first bowl before I had even one bite…and then he tried to steal my second bowl too, despite his previous scolding! Ha!

It’s basically chicken in a creamy, buttery, flavorful sauce filled with yummy stuff like paprika and garlic. I served ours over sliced sauteed cabbage and I will definitely be making it again. Especially after how much my younger daughter loved it!

The Tuscan Cream Chicken (pg 72) is by far my favorite Trim Healthy Mama recipe I have I ever made.

In a word it was fabulous.

Like I felt like I was eating at a fine dining restaurant good. Seriously.

This is one to impress company with but still a simple dish to pull together with very little hands on time.

The colors of the spinach and sun dried tomatoes pop against the creamy sauce. And it’s just so decadent and flavorful and yumtastic.

Next time I will leave out the Parmesan cheese because mine clumped into a useless mass instead of incorporating into the sauce. But that’s okay, it was still amazing. And leaving out the cheese will only make the dish more cost effective for the future.

I actually used the second half of my jar of sun dried tomatoes to make the sauce again to toss with konjac noodles. Which would have been amazing if I hadn’t subbed spinach for arugula. Oops!

I forgot how bitter it can be.

Okay, enough about that saucy awesome chicken, but seriously, it’s a super winner in my book!

I have also made the Succulent Beef Barbacoa (pg 108). It was good enough for my husband to sneak more for his midnight snack.

The lime and other seasonings give the shredded meat an amazing flavor. Next time I would probably cut back a bit on the spiciness (I subbed 1/2 teaspoon paprika, 1/2 teaspoon cayenne, and a teaspoon of adobo seasoning for the chipotle peppers in adobo).

I made it in my Instant Pot and helped it stretch a bit by adding some water and 1 cup of uncooked brown rice at the end. Doing so has allowed me to turn one big steak (a little under 1.5 pounds) into 6 or so servings. That’s a win in my book.

The Cinnamon Pecan Baked Pancake (pg 338) was a hit in my house too. It was good enough that my girls (both girls) asked for seconds. If you’ve read along at all, you might know by now that my older daughter is a borderline problem feeder.

The fact that she tried this new food is huge like I can’t even emphasize that enough. And she wanted more, y’all.

Surprisingly, my husband didn’t complain either. So an all-around win. Yay!

Trim Healthy Table: The So-So

trim healthy table

The Peanut Lovers Trimtastic Cake (pg 388) turned out alright. I did slightly screw up the frosting (I had used half-and-half before I realize I should have used heavy cream to create a whipped topping). But I improvised and actually created a super delicious cheesecake “glosting” as they say in the Trim Healthy Mama cookbooks.

I’m enjoying the cake for myself but don’t see it becoming a family favorite unless I tweak it. In the future I think I would do a couple of things differently. Perhaps using all pressed peanut flour instead of combination of peanut flour and baking mix. Maybe cutting back on the squash or seeing if zucchini subs for a more neutral flavor.

While I like the cake, I have found there’s not enough peanut going on to cover the smell and taste of the squash, unfortunately.

I will definitely be including recipes from this new cookbook as I menu plan for the upcoming holidays. And my baby’s second birthday (tears) at the end of the month.

So no promises, but I intend to keep this review updated as I try more recipes from Trim Healthy Table and keep y’all apprised of my discoveries. I’ll also try to snap some pics, but that’s far from my strong-suit (yet!).

An honest review of Trim Healthy Table, the newest Trim Healthy Mama cookbook. It has recipes ranging from Tuscan Cream Chicken to Life by Chocolate Cake- all of which are low carb friendly, food allergy friendly, family friendly, and best of all, PCOS friendly! This is an honest look at each recipe she tries as she works her way through the new THM cookbook! #THM #trimhealthytable #PCOS #lowcarb #foodallergy #glutenfree #cornfree #grainfree


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