Trim Healthy Mama (THM) Quick Vanilla Caramel “Milkshake”

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Alright, Trim Healthy Mamas, show of hands- who here has dealt with a “picky eater”- maybe even a “problem feeder”?  It’s incredibly frustrating!  So when said child shows interest in something NEW you make it happen, by golly!

Just now my older daughter, the one who has been our borderline problem feeder, asked for a smoothie like mama. But she wanted it to be vanilla, and like a milkshake. And I knew it had to taste amazing for her to try it and have a chance she would like it. I also wanted to be certain I loved everything that went into it in case it becomes a fixation (generally when we love a food, we LOVE it until we hate it, also known as a “food jag”). No pressure.

I decided I would keep it on the thinner side for consistency by only adding 4 ice cubes but you could add as many as you like for the right texture (with sensory issues with food you tend to tread lightly and adjust 😉). I also decided the best base for my choosy girl would be local, grass fed, unhomogenized whole milk to add to the nutritional profile. I didn’t want to make this shake too big so I only added 8 ounces. Next time I will probably do even less for her because it was still much more than she could drink by herself (she is 3.5 years old).

Obviously whole milk makes this drink a crossover for Trim Healthy Mamas (THM). I intend to trade the whole milk for almond milk and half and half when I’m making it for myself, which would make it an “S” (satisfying) depending on how much half and half is added.

I wanted to add some protein, again for added nutrition. I used about a half scoop of plain whey protein to do that, but any plain or vanilla protein powder or collagen could work, I believe. Then I knew I needed to cover up the flavor of that protein so I added a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a teaspoon of caramel extract (no one tell her caramel is in there, k thanks!). To sweeten everything up I added about one dropper of Trader Joe’s stevia drops.

Blended that bad boy up in my amazing Kitchenaid blender. VOILA, it’s freaking delicious, y’all! Obviously I’m telling the truth because my child drank hers up and asked if she can have another tomorrow.

That’s what we call a WIN around here! So enjoy this impromptu little recipe and let me know if you liked it and how you tweaked it down in comments ☺

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