The Garden in Bloom (and Mystery Plants too!)

salad greens
Isn’t it pretty?!

Well the pallet garden is doing surprisingly well despite our lack of knowledge.  We have managed to kill a lot of basil thanks to some late season frost.  Overall, I am super impressed.  We still need to transplant a TON of stuff, and with the move and all I just don’t know if we’re going to end up being good plant parents.  Sigh.  I am pleased though, this is something we could get really into and it’s a learning curve to be sure.  I’ll try not to feel too bad.

Our first bloom!!
Well, our markers blew away, hence, this is the Mystery Pallet!

Thankfully, a few days of concentrated effort to eat well have gotten my weight back down.  I was at 148.2 yesterday morning!  I’m sure scrubbing the cabinets/floors/tub/whatthehellisthatsmellinthebathroom?!?/etc at the new place has something to do with it as well.  I’m so stressed about getting everything finished for the semester, but it is going to feel SO GOOD.  I will only have 2 classes left to take over the summer to complete an A.A.- and off for the real deal in the fall (finally…!).  It took getting engaged and the prospect of raising a family to motivate me to finish a degree.

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