Teal Pumpkin Project: Halloween for All!

teal pumpkin project

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The Teal Pumpkin Project actually makes me teary-eyed.

The thought of a crestfallen child who can’t fully embrace the magic of Halloween absolutely breaks my heart. I can see that sweet little face peering into a treat bowl at each house they visit for Trick-or-Treating or party they attend only to be disappointed again and again that there’s nothing safe for them to have.

Peanut allergies. Soy allergies. Corn. Gluten. The list goes on. Some kids can’t handle dairy. Others are too sensitive to food dyes or added sugars.

In our house we try to avoid gluten (but we aren’t perfect about it) and we try to limit sugar intake. It’s a balancing act because we also don’t want to be “those” parents whose kids don’t get to just be kids. Instead we try to help our children make smart food choices most of the time—and to allow room for family memories to blossom.

And this is where the Teal Pumpkin Project comes into play.

You see, this sweet, wonderful, amazing idea is so painfully simple. It’s a way to make sure any child can experience the joys of Halloween and Trick-or-Treating to the fullest. It’s simply putting in a little thought so that they can feel included.

Step 1

Get a pumpkin.

Step 2

Paint the pumpkin teal.

Step 3

Put the pumpkin on your porch.

Step 4

Make sure you include food allergy friendly and/or non-food treats in your Halloween bowl.

Step 5 (optional)

Put some flyers up on your door so food allergy (and similar) families know to visit!

See? So. Ridiculously. Simple.

And you know what? You might just see a little child light up in delight when they see they’ve been included at your house.

Childhood is so fleeting, it’s a brief passage of time where magic comes to life. Where tiny moments can have a lasting impact.

What a difference we can make with such simple actions.

What kind of Halloween treats for the Teal Pumpkin Project?

No candy for Halloween?! Then what do I hand out?

Not so fast!

While there’s no way you can account for every child’s allergies, there are some candies you could consider including in your basket that tend to be free of most food allergens:


Chocolate Options:

No Whey Foods

Amore di Mona Chocolates


Enjoy Life Foods

Righteously Raw Chocolate

Candy Options:

Spangler Dum Dums

Ice Chips

Spangler Saf-T-Pops


Spangler Circus Peanuts

Spangler Candy Canes

Surf Sweets Gummies


Non-food Halloween treats for the Teal Pumpkin Project

Maybe you want to avoid the headache of food allergens altogether. Or perhaps you’d prefer not to contribute to the sugar overload this year but still want to provide some fun for the kiddos to enjoy.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to hand out non-food Halloween treats, there are truly endless options.

Some fun ideas:

Glider Planes


Halloween Jewelry Kits

Toy Figures

Halloween Pencils



Sticker Sheets

Beach Balls

Temporary Tattoos

Small Puzzles

Light-up Novelties

I hope you’ll consider participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project this Halloween.

You just might restore some childhood magic for a little Halloween visitor at your door. And who doesn’t want more of that good stuff in their lives?

Be the hero. Throw a few items that any child, allergies or special needs or not, can enjoy and feel special.

The Teal Pumpkin Project is so simple and it could mean so much to a child and their family.

How amazing to let a little person feel normal, included, and escape constant disappointment and just be a kid.


teal pumpkin project

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