Stress Awareness is a Women’s Health Issue: Encouragement to Combat the Stress of Motherhood

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Stress awareness month occurs every year in April. Motherhood stress is a very real burden for most of us. However, we need to do our best to keep mama healthy!

I personally know that I am in dire need of some self-care this week. In the last two weeks both of my girls have gotten sick with an illness that brought with it high fevers, clinginess, restlessness, and general misery for mama and child alike. We also have been inundated with massive storm systems in our area. Needless to say, we have been stuck inside the house to the point I have felt like climbing the walls.

Keeping two tiny people happy and the house in a reasonably safe and livable state can create a HUGE amount of mama stress. For one thing, there is the noise level that occurs with a small home and small children at play (or expressing upset). Then there are the endless messes that occur to keep these little people occupied.

I don’t mind the messes so much, but sometimes it creates safety issues. Tripping and slipping are very real potential outcomes.

Like yesterday, my obituary very nearly read “slipped in secretly spilled bubble solution and hit her head on a stepstool”. My heart is still a bit racy remembering that moment of uncertainty as to whether I would be able regain my footing before braining myself with no other adult home to assist me in the worst-case scenario.


Not much time elapsed before my younger daughter somehow poured most of the bath water on the floor- only to have my older daughter run in and slip, barely missing her head on the cast iron tub.


Mothers as a whole have a huge amount of responsibility on their shoulders. We keep other people ALIVE People who are hell-bent on finding the most dangerous possible things to do and diving in, we have to referee that mess! That right there is STRESS. Women stress about so many things because they have to.

We are the ones who remember that the older child only eats triangle sandwiches with no crusts while the younger one only eats crust. We remember a gallon of milk needs to be bought if anyone is going to enjoy their nectar of the gods in the morning (coffee is comfort in a mug for me!) and that the well-check appointments need to be made and that the power bill is due on Tuesday.

stress awareness is a women's health issue

Stress is definitely one of many women’s health issues that needs attention, so I thought I would take a moment in honor of stress awareness month to urge you to practice some self-love and offer some women’s health tips related to stress.

I love quotes, they inspire and encourage me along my path. I found these self-love quotes particularly lovely:

“Self-love is the source of all our other loves.”

– Pierre Corneille –

“It is not love that should be depicted as blind, but self-love.”

– Voltaire –

“We can climb mountains with self-love.”

– Samira Wiley –

And these mom health quotes are a great reminder of how important it is to prioritize ourselves and make mama healthy too:

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”

– Joyce Meyer –

“Your body hears everything your mind says.”

– Naomi Judd –

“The groundwork of all happiness is health.”

– Leigh Hunt –

Stress awareness is so important. Did you know that stress can take a toll on all of your body systems?

Motherhood stress could be impacting not just your mood but also your respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and nervous systems.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, some ways to combat the effects of stress are:

  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Limiting caffeine and alcohol
  • Mindfulness
  • Breathing
  • Time for yourself

Mama stress is such a real thing y’all. We have to take the time to take care of ourselves and prevent stress from harming our bodies.

Stress awareness month would be a great time to look at ways to implement routines that promote more time for you to devote to self-love, self-care, and mama health in general.

When we take care of ourselves we are better able to be the mothers and women we aspire to be.

Sweet mama, please tell me what you do to keep your stress levels down in the comments! I am always searching for new ideas to implement in my own life and to share with my loyal readers.


If you are looking for some inspiration to get your groove back, reduce your stress, and make self-care a priority please go grab your FREE copy of my 30-page printable self-care workbook for mamas just like you here!

To read more about ways I try to implement self-care, click here. If you’d like to hear more about my mothering journey click here.

As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Modern Home

    yup we must reveal stress and be positive all time.. that tips is great to try.. nice one

  2. Amy

    This was a good read for me, and I’m not even a mama yet! (Fur mama over here!). It’s amazing how sometimes, we don’t even realize how stressed we are. This weekend, I tried to really tune into what relaxes & rejuvenates me, and what doesn’t. That meant I turned off the tv, and picked up a book instead. Reading tends to relax me and de-stress me, while tv can sometimes just be mind-numbing for me. That’s how I combatted stress this weekend!

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      Reading is probably my favorite way to relax and always has been! I was that kid with their nose always in a book ☺️

  3. Stephanie Jeannot

    You are all so amazing and I am thankful for mine and for all of those who I see really making an effort to parent whole heartedly and as patiently as you all do. I can see where stress can play a factor dealing with so many personalities. Especially when we get crazy and start having attitudes that you all have to deal with.

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      I try my best each day but I’m far from perfect 💗

  4. Ashley

    Thanks for the tidbits of info! I know for me getting in a good workout and exercise does the trick for battling stress. Always makes me feel more relaxed.

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      I notice a HUGE difference in my ability to cope when I miss out on regular exercise.

  5. Alicia Taylor

    I found that the best cure for my stress and anxiety is exercise. If my husband is having co-parenting disputes with his ex, I love a good kickboxing workout. If I am just generally stressed, a little yoga just melts it away. Proper diet also helps.

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      I notice a huge difference in my mood when my nutrition or exercise go by the wayside.

  6. Catherine Sargent

    Being a mom is stressful for sure, it can be difficult juggling work and family life. I love to take an afternoon for myself at least once a month to unwind. My favorite place to go is the beach.

  7. Shirley Wood

    My children are grown so with my experiences I can honestly say, it gets better. Those teen years can be rough so prepare accordingly. If a parent can be open minded just a little bit while their kids are teenagers, it will help the stress levels.
    Nothing beats empty nesting. I cried for two weeks when my youngest left home and then it hit me one day. Hey, this is nice! Something to look forward to.

  8. Reesa Lewandowski

    When I am stressed out, the rest of my family is too. It is so important to keep your stress in check. I am working on it!

  9. Rebecca

    Thanks for the tidbits. I always feel more stressed when i miss my morning walk. There is something soothing about it.

  10. Renz

    I am momma to be and I’m already stressed thinking how I am going to manage it all. This was an eye opener and great suggestions to keep in mind for when August comes.

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      Being a mama is truly amazing, but I’ve encountered quite the learning curve to balance everything haha

  11. Ashley

    I had no idea there was a stress awareness month! I help manage stress levels by exercising, making sure I keep up on vitamins, and by taking time for me when I can!

  12. Lois Alter Mark

    I love all of those quotes. Moms have so much stress in our lives, and it’s so important to take time to just care for ourselves.

  13. Amanda | My Own Unexpected Journey

    Mom stress is so real. I struggle with it every day. It’s so overwhelming to be in charge of so much, and it becomes downright exhausting when we put self care on the back burner. Thank you for this important reminder that mamas have to take care of themselves so they can better care for their families.

  14. Andrea Updyke

    I love the quote about your body hearing what the mind says. So true! I have a child home sick this week too and I can tell I’m going to need to be extra gentle with both of us.

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      I hope it turns out to be a sweet time together for you both 💗

  15. Liz Mays

    Stress is definitely not something to be overlooked. It has serious consequences on your health. People should definitely take time to take care of themselves.

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      It’s important to remember!

  16. Nancy

    I can only imagine what you’re going through, and I try and empathize, but I’m child-free (at the moment). I’m so sorry you’re going through a rough stressful time.

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      Most of being a mommy is the most amazing thing I could have hoped for, it’s the keeping up with life (cleaning, cooking, etc) that tends to get the best of me 😜

  17. Emily

    This is so important! I feel like we all just assume that stress is a part of life but finding ways to manage it should be a priority. I find carving some time out for myself does help in having me be ready to face anything that comes my way.

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      I need to be better about establishing pressure free time for myself (I almost always use “me” time to catch up on things)

  18. Susan Evans

    Stress can definitely take a toll on our bodies. I need to take more time to do things that refresh me as a person, not just the things I have to do to take care of other people.


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