Save Money by Prepping Fresh Strawberries Properly

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Our daughters basically eat their weight in strawberries each week if we let them.  It’s crazy how much money we spend keeping them in fresh organic strawberries.  I am really picky about only buying strawberries if we can find organic ones at a somewhat reasonable price.  Conventional strawberries always seem to make the top of the “Dirty Dozen” list which concerns me when they can make up a huge portion of the girls’ diets when we have them around.

If there is a good sale on organic strawberries or we find a great price we always grab several pints.  However, as all strawberry lovers know, strawberries don’t keep well for long.  They become plagued with mold and nasty spots within a couple of days.  That’s where my strawberry attack plan comes into play.

Make Your Strawberries Last

Whenever we get home with a haul of strawberries I immediately dump them into a large bowl and fill it with a few glugs of white vinegar and cold water.  I leave that to soak for a while, occasionally stirring the berries around.  Once they’ve soaked at least 15-20 minutes or so I dump them into a colander and rinse again with cold water. Then I let them drain for a bit.

Sometimes I run out of time at this point and have to stick them in the fridge to wait for a bit.  When I have enough time I take all the berries and process them by cutting off the leafy tops and quartering them up.

Finally, I seal all the quartered berries in my my beloved glass Pyrex storage bowls and pop them in the fridge.  They last a good week or so using this method (if we don’t gobble them up sooner!).

So Simple.

It’s so convenient having the berries already washed and cut up to toss into yogurt or serve as a healthy dessert with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.

Anytime I skip my berry saving steps I end up regretting my choices because I always wake up to moldy berries that must be tossed. Yikes.  I know it is well worth my time to dunk those berries in their vinegar bath to kill off any mold spores and to process them so they don’t get funky from being crowded together and damp.

Tell me all about it down below!

What methods do you use to make your food purchases last longer?  Do you have a special method for strawberries in your house?

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