Recycling and Other Earth Friendly Activities for Kids

Recycling and Other Earth Friendly Activities for Kids

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Spring is in full swing and this past weekend we got to celebrate Earth Day! This is the first year I have felt like my daughter was old enough to grasp some of the Earth-friendly concepts that make up Earth Day celebrations.

Last week we got into the spirit by planting some organic tomato and organic cucumber seeds to create a container garden, making bird feeders, discussing the meaning of “reduce, reuse, recycle”, and explaining certain practices like cutting the rings on soda can packaging.

Our seeds were gifts from the Easter Bunny, a tradition I hope to continue throughout my girls’ childhoods. Apparently my grandfather, Pops, always planted his garden on Good Friday. I thought it would be a nice nod to his memory to start the tradition of giving seeds every Easter.

We created bird seed “cookies” using this tutorial from the CornellLab of Ornithology. This was am activity that both my 3 year old and 1 year old thoroughly enjoyed. We also created bird feeders from our recyclables using an old milk jug and an old cream bottle. I let my 3 year old paint these with acrylic paint and then cut them to turn into feeders after they dried.

We are listening to the Recycling Song by Jack Johnson to broaden our learning experience

We are also working through this free recycling workbook from The Department of Conservation Division of Recycling of California. It’s pretty extensive and parts are a little advanced for a 3 year old but I think it’s a great resource to get the conservation conversation flowing.

To round things out (and because the only way I’ve found to keep the 3 year old occupied enough to let baby sister nap is with television) we watched a Magic School Bus episode that focused on a recycling plant. During the episode they showed how many objects we use everyday are made from recycled materials. After the show we had a lot of fun looking through our house for objects that were made from recycled materials. My daughter thought it was really cool that some of her toys used to be milk jugs!

I hope you’ve gotten some ideas to explore the topics of recycling and other earth friendly choices with your children. Here’s a little free printable activity you can work on together:

Earth Friendly Ideas for Families

Grab this printable here:

How did you celebrate Earth Day? Do you talk to your kids  about ways to be kinder to the earth? Tell me how your family handles this important topic in the comments below!

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