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My fiance was joking with me about PCOS the other day- given that this does come up quite a bit between us.  I’m glad that we are able to talk about this and joke around.  Otherwise it would just be too much to deal with.  We’re entering a future that may not be filled with biological children and ease of pregnancy and breastfeeding- and we definitely want kids!  However, we know that we’re okay with adopting, and in fact would consider it a viable option even if fertility were not an issue.  However, I hope that one day I will have the chance to enter motherhood with a little person that we created out of love.  Sigh.  All we can do is work on my health and let go of the rest.  Anyway, my fiance accidentally called PCOS “POS” and it made me laugh at how apt that sounded.  PCOS is like having faulty equipment.  You’re always waiting and hoping that if you “hit” or “kick” it just right, it will work like the busted TV in the garage.

As an update, I’ve been consistent with the supplements for over a full week now that I have my handy-dandy grandma pill keeper!  I just wish my selenium didn’t remind me of stale urine every time I smell it.  It’s disgusting, but I think it’s helping.

My skin is looking better overall although I have a minor breakout going on.  I’m pretty convinced that it is partially due to my fiance not washing the sheets *quite* as regularly as I would like (he insists on doing the laundry to help out, I’m not complaining!)  Regardless, my skin is clearer overall and less reactive.  The blemishes that have cropped up seem to be healing noticeably faster as well.  I am having to train myself to leave well enough alone other than washing my face twice a day and applying tea tree oil to areas that need it.

I am down to 156 pounds which means I am ONLY TWO POUNDS away from my initial goal!!  I am so happy about that.  When I hit 154 I will be considered a “normal” weight by BMI standards.  However, I plan to continue improving my health through diet and exercise and believe that I will end up weighing less in that process.  It’s just a number and it’s only a single factor of health, I’m not obsessed with it.  I am loving the fact that my size 10 jeans can literally slip on and off while buttoned and zipped.  The saggy butt fabric probably isn’t the sexiest thing ever, but it’s progress I can SEE.  I’m planning to treat myself when I hit the 154 mark, and I am debating what I want.  Clothes or shoes?  Something totally random?  The weather is certainly warming up with temperatures nearing 80 expected this week.  I might have to get a cute new sundress…or maybe some of those precious Tom’s/Bob’s/what have you- I love the way they look with skinny-ish jeans.  What do you think?

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