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PCOS books

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PCOS books have radically changed my life.

Does that sound extreme?

Fine, maybe a tad dramatic. But really. They have.

Well, okay, the books I’m about to go over aren’t all specifically PCOS books—but they are all books that have helped me live a better life with PCOS.

Some have taught me how to eat in a more PCOS-friendly way. Others helped me understand my hormones. Still others made me aware of foods (and exercises!) that I’m best off avoiding.

PCOS is a really confusing disease. No one quite understands what specifically causes it to occur and likewise there hasn’t been a pinpointed treatment plan discovered.

However, there are quite a few beneficial lifestyle changes that can be made if you know where to educate yourself.

There is a plethora of advice on the Internet. Some good, some bad and some plain not helpful.

The same goes for books. PCOS books seem to have a range of potential benefit (or harm) so it’s best to do a little legwork to pick the ones worth your time and money.

PCOS books can really help women suffering from the disease learn how to manage weight loss and stop weight gain as well as combat infertility and promote fertility. These books have helped me lose over 40 pounds and get pregnant with PCOS (twice!) without fertility treatments!

Some PCOS books (and others) that have really helped me are:

The Schwarzbein Principle

I can’t say it enough, this book literally changed my life. Before I was ever diagnosed with PCOS it helped keep most of the worse symptoms away and helped me stay lean. In fact, my PCOS wasn’t obvious until I strayed too far away from what this book taught me!

The Obesity Code

This book is simply incredible. It completely changes the way you will perceive weight gain and gives you such easy to digest advice on how to lose the weight for good. No gimmicks and it nicely complements what you will learn reading the book just above.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Knowing your body and its natural rhythms intimately is a key to becoming your healthiest self. Being familiar with what different body signs mean can show you what is working in correcting your PCOS issues and what could use more work.

8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS

Written by a naturopathic doctor who includes a global view on treatment options for PCOS. She presents a comprehensive, global approach to understanding and treating the disease.

The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook

The longer I live with PCOS the more I realize how much it is truly a whole-body condition that is directly impacted by my lifestyle. This books delves into what you should be doing and why to live your best life.

I hope this list of PCOS books gives you a nice starting point.

As you educate yourself as much as you can about this disease, you will become more and more empowered to help yourself thrive.

Because thriving is crucial.

This is your life, and it can still be amazing despite PCOS.

I promise.

When I was first diagnosed with PCOS I was both relieved and devastated all at once. I never would have imagined how much power I had to shape my life.

Need more?

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I want to help you live your best life despite PCOS.

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