Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Eaten My Vegetables…

canned food and bpa

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Well, I’ve known for a while that BPA’s are bad, very, very bad.

Today, I read an article about the horrors that are BPA’s.  It made me think about how many CANS of green beans (and soups and other vegetable matter) I consumed during childhood and throughout my life in general.

It made me think about the fact that I showed some PCOS/insulin resistance tendencies by the time I was about 8 years old.  In fact, that would be when I began puberty.

My body began to resemble the ‘typical’ PCOS female, with little breast buds a round tummy and thinner arms, legs, and derriere.  All that fun stuff.

From that age on I was uncomfortable with my body.

I hated being on swim team and going to the pool, I even hated sitting down for fear of fat rolls showing under my shirt.  I got frustrated with clothes because they were all uncomfortable around the waist and I was embarrassed of getting boobs before anyone else (and of course, one of the last to get their period!).

Of course matters weren’t helped by my notoriously picky eating habits.  I honestly remember a point in time where all I would eat around that age was white bagels, Kraft macaroni and cheese (yeah, that nasty neon orange stuff!), white grape juice, and little else.

I would have massive tantrums until my mom caved and fed me what I wanted.  Pretty sure I would still gobble down some BPA laced vegetables though.

I’m totally not blaming my mom for using canned foods- she would never have used them if she knew they could hurt us.  I actually appreciate the fact that she instilled a love of vegetables in me.

I think it’s wonderful that in my mind a meal isn’t a meal without something green.  I have loved broccoli since I was a toddler.  Spinach was my favorite food before I was even in kindergarten.

Don’t get me started on okra, asparagus or even lima beans.  Yum!  So a lot of our veggies were prepared from fresh stuff, but many weeknight meals had canned green beans or peas or something of the sort.

It’s easy, I understand.

However, I wonder if that may have contributed to my early-ish puberty and PCOS.

Well that and the high glycemic diet.  My mom tried really hard to get me to eat better, I will be first to admit I was horrible to deal with.

Anyway this has me brainstorming how to handle my future children’s eating habits and such.  If they’re mine, I know just exactly how strong-willed they could be, and just how much I probably have it coming.

My mom modeled healthy eating, she did a good job instilling balanced eating habits in my head, but as hard as she tried she couldn’t make me eat better or get up off my butt for about 3 years or so.  How do you address or prevent that from happening?  Also, after reading that article, how do you avoid BPA’s? (receipts, REALLY?!)

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