How to Throw the Ultimate Kids’ Halloween Party

Throw the ultimate allergy friendly, family-oriented kids' Halloween party! Amazing ideas for Halloween party decorations, food, games, crafts, and more!

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Little witches and firemen

There’s something so beautifully nostalgic about kids’ Halloween parties.

They bring back our own memories of childhood along with popcorn hands and candy apples.

Speaking of candy apples and Halloween parties, one of my childhood friends and my little brother had quite the experience with one of those. As in got their heads glued together. It was pretty hilarious to watch that unfold.

It’s been over 20 years and I still laugh.
Throw the ultimate allergy friendly, family-oriented kids' Halloween party! Amazing ideas for Halloween party decorations, food, games, crafts, and more!

Anywho! As I’ve mentioned before, we are big fans of creating traditions for our family.

Around Halloween we like to “BOO!” our friends and wear coordinating costumes (I mean the girls will only be into this for so long!). We also try to be inclusive with the treats we choose to be a Teal Pumpkin Project friendly house.

As they’re getting older and developing more friendships I think it would be so much fun to implement a Halloween party tradition.

I have so many fond memories of kids’ Halloween parties as well as Halloween block parties complete with bouncy houses and a tricycle parade.

I’m not into doing anything overly elaborate, but a few close friends and their children for some memorable Halloween fun?

I’m all in!

I’ve started looking for some inspiration and wanted to pass along my favorite ideas! Below find awesome ideas for kids’ Halloween party decorations, food, games, crafts, and more!

Kids’ Halloween Party Decorations

Nothing sets the tone for a party more than the decorations. A party can be made to feel extra special with just a little effort and a tiny amount of money.

Door Monster

Floating Witch Hats

Ghost Balloons (and more!)

Black Cat Balloons

Trashbag Spiderwebs

Kids’ Halloween Party Food

You can really get into the Halloween spirit with these fun (and gruesome!) edibles! These ideas could be adapted to accommodate most food allergies so everyone feels included.

Halloween Fruit

Spider Pizza

Rice Crispies Monsters

Bowl of Worms

Jack’o’Lantern Water

Kids’ Halloween Party Games

Keep the kiddos (and adults) entertained the whole party long with these super fun ideas!

Halloween Mystery Boxes

Spider Races

Bobbing for Apples

Pumpkin Toss

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Kids’ Halloween Crafts

I’m super sappy and sentimental so I think it would be pretty much the best thing ever to create these hand- or footprint crafts year after year to watch the kids grow. You’d end up with really special Halloween decorations to treasure through the decades to come.

Fingerprint Bats

Handprint Witch

Ghost Footprint Canvas

Pumpkin Handprint Frame

Ghost Footprint Trick or Treat Sign

Handprint Vampires (and more!)

Kids’ Halloween Party Goodie Bags

These treats make a memorable end to an amazing time together. They can all be adapted to use allergen-friendly treats so that every kid has a happy Halloween!

Lollipop Ghosts

Monster Treat Bags

Pumpkin Favors

Halloween Party Poppers

Halloween Bubbles

Do you have any Halloween traditions your family looks forward to each year?

Tell me in the comments below!

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