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I swallow a lot of pills.  Or “supplements,” rather.  I’m taking what feels like a billion pills each day in hopes that it helps with the PCOS crap.  Ok, honestly I’ve been inconsistent with most of them, but I got one of those old people AM/PM pill caddies last night and I filled it up.  I made a commitment.  I have been pretty conscientious about taking my saw palmetto and B6 and multivitamin– vanity prevails, my skin looked like sh*t and this stuff is supposed to help it.  So is selenium but holy crap does it stink.  Like seriously I hate opening the bottle.  It makes me gag.  But I’ve got it in the pill caddy, stink and all, because by golly I want my pretty skin back.

***Disclaimer, I am by no means a medical professional. Always seek medical advice from your physician.***

By the way, I do think the saw palmetto is effective for PCOS acne.  I used to take spironolactone to reduce my androgens (BEFORE I knew I had PCOS) but I’ve been off of it for several years.  It causes crazy birth defects and stuff, I just don’t think that’s a good idea to have floating around in your body somehow.  Anyway, try saw palmetto for real, it helps quite a bit.  My skin was FREAKING OUT, which really served as an impetus to take my PCOS more seriously.

I know, shallow, but my face looked awful and it HURT.  I’ve been taking the saw palmetto for a couple months now, and there is a HUGE difference.  I’ve still broken out a bit, but it’s less severe by far.  It’s also supposed to help with funky hair growth, aka hirsutism- I haven’t noticed much effect as far as that goes, unfortunately.  Ok, you get it, I take saw palmetto.

I also take B6, a multi, selenium, magnesium, calcium & vitamin D, cinnamon with chromium, and red raspberry leaf.  I should add fish oil and some other stuff to this regimen, I’m working on it, seriously!  I also found out that vinegar is a good complement to cinnamon- cinnamon apparently helps with your fasting blood sugar and vinegar (when EATEN before/during a meal) helps control post-prandial (after eating) blood sugar.

I’m not a huge fan of vinegar, but I’m trying to think of ways to add it to my daily diet.  How do you enjoy vinegar? As a salad dressing, taken plain by the spoonful, pickled foods?  Ideas are welcome and encouraged!  How do you manage your supplement intake?  Which supplements do you take and why?

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    My husband marinates our meats in vinegar olive oil and then whatever seasons he's in the mood for. I would have never thought of it before but OMG its sooo good!


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