Guest Blogger Guidelines

Guest Blogging: Rules for Submitting Guest Posts to Our Happy Imperfection


Hi there,

Thank you for considering being a guest blogger on Our Happy Imperfection!


Our Happy Imperfection is a blog focused on helping mothers live their best lives. The target audience is centered around mothers being their best selves and pursuing their dreams.  They may be struggling with their identities as mothers and women as well as career direction.  These are women who want to be present with their children but feel stuck in not being able to “have it all”.


Relevant topics to write about may include embracing motherhood, as well as occasional slice of life stories about motherhood that are raw, inspiring or humorous and relatable in some way to most mothers, self-care for mothers, work/life balance as a work at home mother, why and/or how you work from home and/or own a business as a mother, creative ways to work from home successfully, encouragement for mothers working from home or aspiring to work from home, what being a work at home mother has allowed you to do with your life and as a mother.


Here are some guidelines to help your post be accepted:

  • Know upfront that there will be NO COMPENSATION
  • Our Happy Imperfection will retain rights to content chosen to publish
  • You must be blogger or have a small business, generally you should also be a mother/woman but this can be discussed
  • Provide Value– do not write just to write, make it interesting, unique, actionable, and/or memorable. Love your topic. Show off your writing so people click over to see more of your stuff on your own sites!
  • No Spam/Sales Pitch– please do not promote yourself or others/products unless this is something we clearly discussed.
  • More than 600 words– this is the bare minimum length, longer is better for both of us!
  • Original Content– any content submitted for consideration will be checked for plagiarism or prior publication. Please only submit content that has not been used anywhere else previously and that you do not intend to use anywhere else in the future.
  • Error Free– please showcase your best work! Content that requires extensive editing for grammar, spelling, etc will not be accepted.
  • Proper citation is always expected. If it is not your original thought or your original image anywhere in the post, the source absolutely must be clearly cited.
  • Useful links– DO provide links in your content, but only to relevant and useful sites
  • Promotion– you will be expected to link to your post on Our Happy Imperfection from your site in some relevant manner and promote your post on at least 3 social media platforms once it is published. Let’s get as much mutual benefit from each other as we can!
  • Comments– you will be expected to acknowledge comments left on your published guest posts on Our Happy Imperfection for the life of the posts. Acknowledgement is at minimum a small, polite reply to each individual comment in a timely fashion.
  • Include a bio with links to your site and social media as well as a professional image of yourself. I hope you get lots of traffic from people clicking over from your amazing post!

If after reviewing these guidelines you are still interested in working with Our Happy Imperfection as a guest blogger I am excited to work with you!

Please email your post ideas and any comments or questions to:

[email protected]


Thanks so much!

n Our Happy Imperfection!