Grocery Delivery: A Smart Mom Hack

grocery delivery

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Grocery delivery sounds so exclusive.

Like it’s only meant for those of us who employ nannies and housekeepers.

But, solo errands with the kids. Let’s face it, we can try our best, but more often than not it’s going to be stressful.

It’s also expensive once your nerves have given out for the day.

“Screw it, sure we can get cereal.”

“Fine, throw in the crackers.”

And so it goes. Health goals and budget constraints be damned, sometimes you just say yes to get out of the store without crying yourself.

And you know what?

That’s totally freaking okay. It’s okay.

grocery delivery

Because this plus a couple of whiny, tired, or hungry kiddos is kind of, for real, hell on Earth.

But…hear me out…what if you could nix at least one of these super fun outings out of your routine?

I’m talking about grocery delivery, mama.

You totally can. It’s for all of us. Let me show you.

How about some extra time you could use to tackle some of those things to do with your kids that you found on Pinterest 3 years ago? Or time to hide in the kitchen and eat chocolate alone while the kids get an extra show?

The choice is all yours and I’m not judging.

If you need more convincing, realize that it’s way way easier to stay on track with your grocery budget when you can see exactly how much you’re spending before you get to checkout. With online shopping there’s no embarrassing moment where you guiltily choose to overspend rather than hand things to the cashier to put back. You simply click a button, and voila! your budget is saved!

So, there are basically 3 general categories for grocery delivery:

1) Local Grocery Delivery

I’m sure there are many other options depending on where you live but some options include:

  • AmazonFresh offers a 30 day free trial to new customers (you have to be a member of Amazon Prime as well, which also has a 30 day free trial)
    • According to their website delivery is available in these areas:
      • Seattle
      • Northern California
      • Southern California
      • New York
      • Philadelphia
  • Instacart offers a free delivery for new customers.
    • According to the website, its delivery area covers a good chunk of the USA (38 states and D.C.)!
    • They deliver from stores that include Whole Foods, Target, Costco and even Petco.
  • Peapod offers $20 off your first delivery to new customers.
    • The delivery area is a bit more limited according to the website, with a delivery area that covers:
      • Chicagoland, Milwaukee, S.E. Wisconsin, Indianapolis
      • Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire
      • New York, New Jersey
      • Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C.
      • Philadelphia, S.E. Pennsylvania, Central Pennsylvania
  • FreshDirect offers $25 off your first order for new customers and a 2 month free trial.
    • According to their website, they deliver to most areas around:
      • New York: Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Nassau, Queens, Rockland, Staten Island, Suffolk, Westchester
      • New Jersey: Bergen, Burlington, Camden, Essex, Gloucester, Hudson, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Union
      • Connecticut: Fairfield
      • Pennsylvania: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia
      • Delaware: New Castle
      • Washington, D.C.
      • Jersey Shore (summer only)
      • Hamptons (summer only)

2) Online Grocery Delivery

This is certainly the most convenient option for many items! I especially love that there are special deals regularly offered.

  • Thrive Market offers a 30 day free trial, 25% off your first order and free shipping!
    • This is my personal favorite for items like fancy pants prenatal vitamins and the liquid iron supplement I had to take during my second pregnancy, I’ve even bought nice sippy cups here—they’ve had the best prices on specific things I’ve needed, hands-down.
  • Amazon Prime Pantry offers a 30 day free trial to new customers.
    • This is a great option for items you know you’re going to need on a recurring basis like laundry detergent and paper towels, or even peanut butter.

3) Curbside Grocery Delivery

Have you checked to see if your favorite grocery store has jumped on the curbside grocery delivery bandwagon yet? Hopefully you’re in for a delightful surprise! There are likely many more options depending on where you live, but some ideas include:

  • Walmart Grocery (here’s $10 off!) lets you order your groceries online and have them brought out to your car.
  • Publix offers Online Easy Ordering for items in the deli and bakery as well as produce and seafood platters.
  • Kroger offers ClickList to order online for grocery delivery or curbside pick-up.

Alright, smart lady, who uses grocery delivery. Go enjoy your extra, hopefully less stressful, time not spent buying groceries.

Whether they’re delivered to your door or brought to your car, your life just got so much easier.

You’re welcome.

grocery delivery

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