First Power Up for PCOS South Carolina Meeting and Such


Weight: 141.8!!!

Such a busy week!  The semester is coming to a close, which means a mad scramble to the finish line.  I’ve had to watch TWO Shakespeare plays in TWO days.  I’m not a fan.  I have a math exam due tomorrow and the final due Wednesday.  A history final due Wednesday, and a paper on those plays due Wednesday as well.  Then I’m FINISHED!!! I get all of like 10 days for a break, then back to the grindstone.  Ugh.

It was my half-brother’s 4th birthday this week- it was funny to watch him open the present for us- I’m fairly certain he enjoyed the party blowers I used to decorate/wrap more than the rest of the gift!

I also had the first meeting for Power Up for PCOS South Carolina on Thursday evening.  I got lost on my way there, which was embarrassing.  However, the women that showed up seem to have a genuine interest in furthering the group.  I’m excited!  Has anyone else gotten in touch with Power Up for PCOS to see about starting a group in their area?  I’d love to hear about it!

I can’t believe this blog was featured on Facebook by both Power Up for PCOS and inCYST!  They are both excited that I have taken the initiative to start a Power Up for PCOS group in South Carolina!  inCYST even wrote about me on their blog!!! So incredibly exciting!!!

In other exciting news, I found this lovely yesterday while we were out junking!  I had to bring her home!


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