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fertility monitors

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Fertility monitors can be intimidating—am I right?

Maybe you’re trying to get pregnant. Maybe that’s exactly what you’re trying to avoid. Perhaps you just know that understanding your fertility is a really good idea.

If you’re like me, you’re navigating an infertility issue like PCOS and having insight into your cycle is literal gold.

Using a fertility monitor might lead to some surprising discoveries. Some women may find out they’re not ovulating at all. Others may realize they’re timing things all wrong for conception.

Whatever your reason for looking into fertility monitors, it’s a good idea to do some research before diving into a purchase.

fertility monitors

What should you look for in fertility monitors?

Fertility monitors range from the most basic of tools to all out computers with special software algorithms.

At a minimum, nearly all fertility monitors will track your basal body temperature. This is the lowest temperature your body reaches when you’re sleeping.

Others may also test your saliva or urine for hormones that indicate ovulation. Many will record data such as basal body temperature and menstruation dates in order to make predictions.

I would make sure any fertility monitor I chose had:

  • Basal body temperature data
  • Menstrual cycle data
  • An app to help me understand my data
  • A way to keep track of other signs of fertility

Which fertility monitors have lots of bells and whistles?

  • The Lady-Comp is a super deluxe fertility monitor that is considered a medical grade device with 99.3% accuracy for both conception and family planning purposes. It has a very simple system of red, yellow, and green lights to tell you when you might be fertile and it is able to start predictions with its first use!
  • Wink by Kindara is bluetooth enabled to sync immediately with an app on your phone. It has a silent vibration feature to let you know it’s finished reading your temperature without disrupting your partner. Perhaps best of all, it only takes 30 seconds to take your temperature which is much faster than most!
  • The OvuSense Fertility Monitor is also considered a medical device. The amazing thing about this fertility monitor is that it takes repeated temperature readings throughout the night while you sleep and then syncs to an app in the morning.

What are some budget options for fertility monitors?

At the very least, I would suggest you consider these items to monitor your fertility:

  • Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler is a book I would recommend to absolutely every woman. This book provides such in-depth insight into your body that is easy to understand. It will allow you to create a DIY version of a fertility monitor with very little investment. In fact, your local library probably has a copy you can borrow for free!
  • A basal body temperature (BBT) thermometer because, as I mentioned before, most methods for understanding your fertility cycle use your basal body temperature as a critical element of data.
  • A pretty journal (well pretty just makes it more fun to use, right?!) or an app like Kindara to keep your records in one place.
  • You may also want to use urine ovulation strips or a saliva microscope to double-check the accuracy of your predicted ovulation window.

If you want a little more technology to help you, these fertility monitors are on the lower end of cost but still provide a nice amount of features:

  • This BBT thermometer keeps 60 days of data stored so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to write down morning temperatures immediately.
  • How about a BBT thermometer that automatically syncs data to an app on your phone? It has awesome reviews too!
  • This one also syncs to an app and stores 300 days of data. For an added bonus it’s kinda cute!

Hopefully you now feel a little more confident in your pursuit of a fertility monitor.

Whether you are eager to welcome your first child or hoping to wait a while for another, fertility monitors can help you achieve your goals without the side effects of other options.

Have you used a fertility monitor before? I would love to hear your experiences below!

fertility monitors

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