Family Halloween Costumes: Awesome DIY Ideas!

family halloween costumes

Family Halloween costumes are so much fun!

I get such a kick out of seeing what people come up with to get the whole family into the Halloween spirit.

Last year my favorite family Halloween costumes were tied between a toddler boy who was dressed as a tomato plant while his mother was dressed as a gardener and another family who went all out dressed as Legend of Zelda characters.


Our most recent Halloween we had strict instructions from our then 3 year old daughter about what each of us would wear. The baby and I were black cats, Daddy was a pirate, and said 3 year old was a “candy witch”.

Candy Witch

(Yes, that was every bit as cute as it sounds and she made it up herself. Love that kiddo so much!)

Witch hat

Purple sparkly shirt

Rainbow tulle skirt

Gold cat shoes

Multi colored ribbon spools

Child’s broom

Plastic cauldron (trick or treat bucket)

Face paint


White undershirt with hems roughly cut off


Red silk head scarf

Gold earring

Black Cat

Grey dress

Black tights

Black heels

Pink bowtie

Cat ears

Face paint

Black Kitten

Black shirt

Black sparkly leggings

Black socks

Cat tail

Cat ears

Face paint

We’ve just begun discussing this year’s Halloween plans so I decided to start doing a little research.

I can’t lie, I am *really* digging the fairy dust mama and fairy girls costume idea (inside the link with the mom of dragons!). Maybe I can whisper this idea in my girls’ ears as they sleep. Ha!

Addams Family

The Incredibles

Jurassic Park

Star Wars

Halloween Safari

Construction Machines

Football Team

101 Dalmations (and more!)


Mother of Dragons (and more!)

What does your family do to make Halloween special?

Do you dress up together? How do you decide what everyone will be? Is it always a big theme?

family halloween costumes


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