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spinach and folate

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As I have mentioned before, I have been researching folic acid and have come to the conclusion that it is not something I want to be putting in my body.  Folate is what counts, people.  Folate is what your body seeks from REAL FOOD.  I have looked at alternative supplemental forms of folate, but I have come to the conclusion that it is best to eat our nutrients whenever possible. So, being the semi-OCD lover of lists and charts that I am, I compiled a list of foods with their serving sizes and the amount of folate these servings contain.  I’m sharing it with you because I’m nice.  Really, I am 🙂

What this all boils down to is eat your fruits and veggies, for real, you can’t just swallow a pill and eat shitty food.  That’s not how we were designed.  PCOS is a disease that is fought with respect for our bodies, and this means whole, natural foods.  So suck it up, eat healthy, and remember- your kids will copy you!

My List:
(From what I understand, non-pregnant women need 400 µg per day, I believe this number jumps to 800 µg for women TTC and pregnant women, please correct me if I am wrong!  If you would like to add to the list or have a correction to make, please let me know!)

Edamame (1 cup) – 482 µg

Broccoli (1/2 cup) – 27.6 µg

Asparagus (1 cup) – 243 µg

Romaine lettuce (1 cup) – 63.9 µg

Brussels sprouts (1 cup) – 157 µg

Spinach (1/2 cup cooked)- 115 µg

Spinach (1 cup raw)- 58.2 µg

Collards (1 cup)- 177 µg

Black-eyed peas (1 cup)- 358 µg

Lentils (1 cup)- 358 µg

Okra (1/2 cup)- 36.8 µg

Kidney beans (1/2 cup)- 115 µg

Great Northern beans (1 cup)- 181 µg

Iceberg lettuce (1 cup)- 20.9 µg

Beets (1/2 cup)- 68 µg

Baby lima beans (1 cup)- 44.2 µg

Lima beans (1 cup)- 156 µg

Sunflower seeds (1 oz)- 66.4 µg

Corn (1 cup)- 53.6 µg

Popcorn (1 oz)- 4.8 µg

Baked beans homemade (1 cup)- 121 µg

Green peas (1/2 cup)- 47.2 µg

Baked potato (flesh and skin)- 83.7 µg

Cabbage ( 1 cup raw)- 38.3 µg

Cabbage (1 cup cooked napa)- 46.9 µg

Avocados (1 cup)- 122 µg

Peanuts (1 oz)- 40.6 µg

Peanuts (boiled, 1 cup in shell)- 47.2 µg

Peanut butter (creamy, 2 tbsp)- 23.7 µg

Tomato Juice (1 cup)- 50.8 µg

Orange juice (fresh 1 cup)- 74.4 µg

Oranges (1 large)- 55 µg

Strawberries (1 cup)- 36.5 µg

Eggs (1 large)- 18.3 µg

Bananas (1 medium)- 23.6 µg

That’s right, you’re welcome!  Now go chow down on some healthy grub!

*Disclaimer- I am sharing a list I made for myself about folate amounts by researching nutrition facts from online sources, I am in no way an expert and I have no way of knowing how valid these numbers truly are.*

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  1. Maria Phillips

    Thank you so much. I just stumbled upon you blog and I have learned so much already!!! I really love the things you post and you motivate me to do more and push myself harder to overcome PCOS!!


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