Birthday Week!

birthday cupcakes

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Weight: 145
Waist: 34″

Life has been CRAZY for the last couple of months!  We moved into our new place while I was taking finals, then my grandmother died totally out of the blue the day before my summer semester started.  I feel like I just can’t even slow down and catch my breath.  I’m barely hanging onto my summer classes, I swear.  I still can’t believe my Nana is gone.  She had a totally normal day, went out to lunch and shopping, had a nice dinner, chatted on the phone, went to bed and had a massive brain hemorrhage in her sleep.  You just never know.

Today is my fiance’s 25th birthday and my 24th birthday is Wednesday.!  Which, of course, means I’m cheating on eating clean, PCOS-friendly fare…I know it’s terrible because it’s like 3 days of destruction when you get right down to it, maybe a couple more.  Oh well, I figure we’ll get back on track by the end of the week and it will all be ok.  I know that’s not the best policy with this disease.  Every insulin/blood sugar spike is detrimental.  I know that.  It’s a process, and I’m so not perfect.

Homemade, totally sinful cinnamon vanilla poundcake with homemade vanilla buttercream icing.

I have lost a little more weight despite not having the best couple of months.  I have mostly eaten well and been walking some, but farrrr from the effort I should be putting in.  There have been a few (several…many) ice cream cones since a QT’s opened down the street…they need to get rid of that $0.49 opening promotion so I’m less tempted.  Or I just need to man up and be responsible.  I also have not been on my supplement regimen since we moved.  I needed to re-evaluate and take a break.  Then boom, I had a period.  My first freaking period since November 2011.  I’m now taking a big dose of fish oil daily, thanks to the “brain rust” article that inCYST wrote.  Read it. Now. NOW!!! I’m also taking a multi to be sure I’m getting enough folic acid…I know, I know I SHOULD bite the bullet and buy FOLATE, and I will, soonish.  I have been focusing on eating way more fruits and vegetables now that I HAVE MY OWN KITCHEN TO COOK IN!!!!

My sweet fiance helped me set up a “Julia Child” pegboard in our kitchen!

Best wishes to all!

P.S. I’m extending the giveaway until I get MORE THAN ONE response! Like maybe at least 10 or so.  Just saying….


  1. Lynne ‘Twitch’ W.

    That article is the reason I'm taking high dose fish oil as well! I can tell that it's working. I am finally starting to remember things again. It's so nice to think clearly.

    And yay for AF! (Isn't it funny how normal women hate AF, but we celebrate when it shows up because it makes us feel sorta normal?)

  2. SECS


    Thanks for stopping by! Yes, AF certainly lends an air of normalcy. Looks like the move has been good to me so far in that regard- had another period show up last week- which totally confused me LOL. I'm so glad that you have read and heeded that article as well. I really feel like it's making a difference too! Please be sure to vote on the poll if you haven't and enter my giveaway contest, your responses will definitely interest me!

    Best wishes,


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