Around 6 Months of Progress- Photo Update

pcos successful weight loss
THEN: SECS around 180 pounds


NOW: SECS- 24th Birthday- around 145 pounds

Just wanted to give y’all a visual of my progress.  I’m sorry I don’t have any full body shots of my progress, I’ll get my fiance on that.  However, I still think these two photos show how much progress I have made with simple changes to my lifestyle in only 6 months or so.  My birthday surprised me- I was able to fit back into clothes I hadn’t worn in years!  I had one of those “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!” moments going on and decided to try on some things that have been hanging around, too small to squeeze into, too nice to give away- just in case! Thank goodness I kept these things- I fit back into a dress I’ve had since MIDDLE SCHOOL on my 24th birthday, how friggin’ cool is that?!  That dress was a bit snug in the chest so I went with a different one for a better fit, but wow, did that make me feel awesome! I’ve been meaning to do this post for a couple of weeks.  I did gain a couple of pounds over the past month, but I’m almost back down to 145.

However, it’s so not about the weight.  I’m just pleased that a side effect of continuing to care about my blood sugar/insulin is continuing to reduce my waistline :).  I had another natural period this past month, which totally shocked me.  I’m still only taking a mega dose of fish oil and a multivitamin.  I’m going to see how that goes for a little bit longer and then reassess.  I think I might add back in my chromium/cinnamon to see if that helps reduce carb cravings.  Since I cheated big time during the birthdays and we’ve been stress eating because of some family stuff, the carb munchies have been itching at me.  Although, I used to always want sweet carbs, and now I find myself craving salty/crunchy foods.  “Bad Carbs” are seriously an addiction, people.  I’ll get it back under control.

Wishing everyone a happy 4th and lots of encouragement!

NOW: SECS- around 145 pounds



  1. Lynne ‘Twitch’ W.

    You look fantastic! Happy birthday! Glad to see you are having fun! My 24th was in March and it was pretty boring.

    I wish I could make it to 180. My final goal is 160, but with 180 still 50 lbs away, I'm okay with 180 lol. My Wii tells me that I'm supposed to be 124 because I'm so short. My hubby and I just laugh, glance at my boobs and say it'll never happen.

  2. SECS

    Aww thanks, Lynne!! Happy belated to you as well 🙂 I'm sure that with persistence you will ultimately get to your goals- this time around I have focused on healthy blood sugar management and waist measurements rather than weight, and it has seemed to help me tremendously. I totally understand about the boobs LOL I was up to a a G cup (DDDD), I'm finally *somewhat* down to a DD- UGH! I guess it helps my waist look smaller though LOL. How are things going?


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