A Case of the Ickies

chamomile tea and pcos

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I woke up repeatedly last night because my throat started hurting so badly.  Needless to say I have spent my Saturday in jammies feeling like crap.  My sweet fiance has made me cup after cup of chamomile tea with lemon and honey, as well as homemade chicken noodle soup (not exactly low carb, but at least the pasta was whole grain, right?) and I did my usual warm salt water gargle.  I must say it has helped to some degree, but I’ve had that achy, weak feeling like this might not just be a one day affair.

***Disclaimer, I am by no means a medical professional.***


In my boredom, I was interested to discover that chamomile has been found to have beneficial properties other than simply helping to settle nerves or upset tummies.  In my musings I stumbled upon an interesting site that you all may enjoy-Earth Clinic.

Basically it’s a forum where people can express their opinions on natural remedies and such.  It has me intrigued by apple cider vinegar in particular.

Apparently a lot of people have been successful in losing more weight when taking apple cider vinegar as well as reducing other annoying PCOS symptoms.

The thing that stood out most to me though was that many women have had their menstrual cycles restored when taking apple cider daily.  That would be awesome.

To most of the world getting your period is a curse.  Those of you with PCOS know that it’s like an unexpected gift.  An indication that your body was able to cope a bit and do something ‘normal’.

When you’re off of hormonal birth control methods, which I am convinced end up doing more damage in the long run, periods may be rare to nonexistent.

It’s kind of a scary feeling, especially since it has been linked to cancer and other bad stuff not to get cleaned out fairly regularly.  However, I don’t believe a chemically induced, fake “period” of bleeding is the way to go either- and it raises risk of cancers as well (among other things).

So I’ve been off those fake hormones for nearly a year now, and my body has scraped together a couple of decent REAL periods for me.  It hasn’t been regular and it’s definitely spread further apart than I would like, but it’s been a start.  I think the apple cider vinegar might be worth a go when I feel like picking some up later this week.

Just as I stated before, I don’t really like vinegar, even the smell grosses me out.  I’m willing to give it a go anyway, are you?  Please share thoughts and experiences on the subject as well as palatable apple cider vinegar ideas.  Also, when you’re sick and thinking about “real” food makes you gag, how do you stay low carb?  Do you make exceptions?


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