10 Ways to Use SEO for Beginners: A Guide for Work at Home Moms

seo for beginners

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Have you ever wondered what is SEO or Search Engine Optimization? What on earth are these words and acronyms and how are they going to help me be a work at home mom?

If you are trying to create your own profitable business online you are going to eventually run into all this SEO mess. Perhaps you are curious about Etsy and SEO or SEO for Pinterest. Maybe you are a blogger and need to figure out SEO for your blog.

At the root of it all, SEO is a way of making sure your stuff gets seen by search engines. When someone types in a query they use keywords. The search engine uses those keywords to find content that provides the sought information.

If you haven’t used appropriate SEO within your content, guess what! Your content isn’t going to pop up in search results. Sad face.

You don’t want to take the time to create a kickass post only to have it hidden in cyberspace forever. Unless you’ve got all the time in the world to manually promote all of your stuff forever and ever you’re going to need to learn some strategies to get it seen without your constant hand-holding!

Thankfully, there are some easy ways to implement SEO as a work at home mom without losing your mind:

Let’s use the example of writing a post for the Fourth of July.

  • You can perform keyword research to find low competition keywords and long-tail keywords (or phrases)

There are tools you can use such as the Google Adword keyword planner that you can use to see which words would best serve your post. As you can see in this example, there are several key phrases you could use in your post that get a decent number of searches without a lot of competition:

long tail keyword research for SEO

-4th of July activities

-4th of July crafts

-Fourth of July crafts

-Fourth of July crafts for preschoolers

These would all be good phrases to target for your post. They get a good number of searches but there isn’t a saturation of content to compete against.

  • You can use long-tail keywords in your post titles.

This is a good place to tell people and search engines what you’re writing about. Make sure that you use titles that are engaging on top of being keyword dense otherwise you’re going to lose your people audience’s attention pretty quickly!

  • You can use keywords in your page slugs. 

This is a subtle way to show the search engines what you’ve written about.

  • You can use long-tail keywords in your opening sentence for a post.

Another key area to tell the search engines AND human readers what you’ve written. Make sure that you catch people’s interest here before you lose them to all the other things demanding their attention!

  • You can use long-tail keywords in subheadings. 

Subheadings help people and search engines scan your writing and get a good understanding of your points. Using engaging but clear subheadings with appropriate keywords can be an excellent SEO strategy.

  • You can use keyword phrases in your photo title and alt-text.

You may have never noticed the “alt-text” box when you are adding photos but it is there for you to write a short description in case a picture doesn’t load on your post. You can use this area to plant a few keywords as well.

  • You can use keywords in your content.

Obviously, as you are writing you should strive to create engaging content that naturally flows with your targeted words and phrases. Don’t overdo it or you’ll sound spammy, but do remember to keep your keyword strategy in mind as you write.

  • You can link to authoritative sites.

A great way to help your post perform better in search results is to link to high quality content on high quality sites. When the search engines see you linking to truly helpful information to add to your post you get rewarded with a better search ranking.

Likewise, linking to low quality content will lower your search ranking and penalize you. Be careful where you link your site!

  • You can link to your own content.

Linking to your own content helps keep readers engaged with your site longer. It also makes search engines happy so it’s a win-win!

  • You can update your meta-description.

As you complete your posts you can edit your meta-description, which is the blurb that will show up in search results, to include a quality description that engages readers and search engines alike with keywords and phrases.

what is SEO for work at home moms

I’m sure there are still tons of things I will learn about search engine optimization in the future, it’s a constantly evolving beast.

However, these small and simple SEO strategies can go a long way in helping you achieve search engine success! Whether you’re a beginning blogger or an artsy entrepreneur on Etsy, knowing how to talk to search engines is a mandatory skill to learn for long-term success.

The right words and phrases used the right ways in the right places will get your content seen without your blood, sweat and tears being wasted on constant manual promotion in Facebook groups and the like.

What are some ways that you utilize SEO to help search engines work for you? Let me know your favorite strategies below!

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  1. Shannon

    I bookmarked this blog because I am just getting started with SEO and it seems so overwhelming. You explained it in a way that made it seem understandable.

    1. Sarah – Our Happy Imperfection

      I’m glad it was helpful to you! There’s so much to learn with SEO, I feel like I’m still at the tip of the iceberg myself most days 🙂


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