Why I Work from Home: Why Working from Home is Better for Me

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I know people may wonder why I work from home. To be honest, I’ve never seen another option I could live with long-term. I’ve always known I wanted to work for myself. After all, it’s the only way to ensure that I have full control over the priorities in my life.

Namely, my family.

I can remember the scoffing and “smart” remarks that many adults would make when I voiced this as a teenager. However, it’s always been my dream.

After having my first child I realized that I could never happily leave her in the care of someone else. It wasn’t really breaking news for me, just confirmation of the gut feeling I had always had.

Once my second child arrived, not only could I not bear the thought of being away from my miracles– but I realized I would have to be earning quite the pretty penny to even make working outside of the house financially worthwhile.

why I work from home

There was no way I was going to go to work outside of the home, away from my babies, only to net a couple of hundred dollars after accounting for expenses.

Since becoming a mother I have earned money in somewhat creative ways that allow me to be with my children.

I have picked children up from school and babysat. I have run a successful Etsy shop selling handmade toys and women’s accessories. I have culled items from our home and sold them for a profit. I have worked online as an independent contractor.

Now, I am focusing my energies on more online income streams to make a more stable and lucrative income.

I have also saved money in many areas to stretch our budget further than most people would ever think it could go. Some choices I have made have saved hundreds or even thousands of dollars:

  • cloth kitchen towels
  • cloth wipes
  • cloth diapers
  • breastfeeding
  • secondhand furniture
  • secondhand clothing
  • secondhand baby gear
  • living in a smaller home
  • going without cable
  • owning one smaller used car
  • holding my babies (as opposed to having multiple contraptions to soothe/hold them for me)
  • menu planning based around low cost meals
  • shopping sales and clearance
  • pursuing minimalism
  • cutting my husband and daughters’ hair at home
  • getting a free haircut once a year by donating my hair
  • enjoying small pleasures- like a picnic at the park- rather than more expensive outings

…just to name a few!

When being with my children day in and day out became my number one goal in life, I found ways to make it happen, and that is why I work from home.

It isn’t flashy or glamorous (yet) but I am doing my best to contribute to our household in a way that makes me happy and at ease in my soul.

There have been many moments along the way where I have doubted myself. I think my choice to put staying home with my children first comes with a certain amount of judgment sometimes. However, at the end of the day, what matters is how feel about my choices and how my family feels about those choices.

I know that if I worked outside of the home for someone else it would sap my joy. I would be constantly anxious with worry about my children. Especially because I know one of them would wilt in daycare. She’s just a very sensitive little soul who needs her mama, and that’s okay. She won’t always need me so much, but I want to be there for her now while she does.

In time I know that I will be able to look back and feel confident that I made the best choices I could for my family.

I won’t live with regret that I missed my children being small. I won’t live with regret that I gave my all to a business only to get laid off. Why I work from home isn’t just about me nowadays, it’s about my family too. It isn’t for everyone- but for me, it is the only choice.

To read more about being a work at home mom click here.

How has your career changed since you became a mother? Did you decide to become a work at home mom or do you work outside of the house- or not at all outside of taking care of your family?

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14 thoughts on “Why I Work from Home: Why Working from Home is Better for Me

  1. Working from home has saved us a ton of money on transportation and daycare. I love working from home, even though it can be stressful sometimes.

  2. Good for you! I found it so incredible challenging to be productive while at home with our little one, but it seems to work perfectly for you.

  3. I would love to work from home but for now I need to finish my college degree. With the degree I am going for I would be able to have that options of I decide to continue pursuing it.

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