PCOS: Weight Loss and DIY Pink Dress (19)

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(Originally published on my old blog SECS vs PCOS in July 2012)

Weight: 145.2

(Basically back down to pre-birthdays weight.  Hip-hip-hooray!!)

Totally not PCOS related, but I finished sewing my pink dress tonight.  YAY!

Ok, so, I know this isn’t the *most* fabulous cut for my bust, and without a belt may lean into the “pregnant appearance” category, but I really love this dress.  I saw the tutorial on Pinterest.  It is from the blog “schwurlie“.  It is a ridiculously awesome blog with ridiculously awesome and approachable sewing projects.  I’m a little in love with this girl.  Check it out!  I may tweak the idea to be more flattering for my body type and give it another go- but, as I said, I freaking love this dress!

I’m continuing my fish oil and multi but haven’t added anything else back yet.  I’ve been focusing more on getting more physical activity into my day now that the 105F heatwave has passed.  I really love the evening walks with my pup and fiance.  Remember, perfection isn’t necessary for progress, keep on truckin’ ladies!

PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

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