PCOS and Supplements (10)

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(Originally published on my old blog SECS vs PCOS in March 2012)


Weight- 154.6!!!

*Only 0.6 pounds to go before I reach my initial goal!!!*

Way too many supplements, and I’m adding MORE!

I’ve been pretty consistent with my supplements recently.  I added black cohosh recently and plan to add a few more to the repertoire soon.  Hopefully the new additions will get my whacked out hormones under control.  My face has turned into a cesspool of hatred, seemingly overnight.  Now it won’t heal.  I’m pretty upset about it.  It hurts like hell to be broken out like this.  I also have been forgoing makeup in hopes that it will allow my skin to heal faster, so in the meantime I look like an absolute haint.  It’s humiliating.  I feel a desperate urge to explain this ugliness to random strangers, but I can only imagine the looks I would get.  Don’t get the wrong idea here, I’m a pretty au naturale girl when it comes to makeup.  However, I’m a fan of covering up nasty imperfections and getting gussied up occasionally.  Oh well, it will have to wait.

I have been walking more now that the weather is warm (actually, unseasonably HOT).  I love taking C out in the stroller after lunch.  It’s relaxing to be outside enjoying the sunshine, and I get some good exercise as well.  My fiance and I have also been enjoying some evening walks with our little fella sniffing everything in sight.  Maybe one day in the future we will have a stroller to push too…

I’m taking:

cinnamon with chromium

magnesium with zinc

b6 (this will become a b complex when I run out of this stuff)

saw palmetto


*I added black cohosh 3/18*

*I plan to also add in blue cohosh and vitex (chaste berry) as well as choline inositol.

*I also plan to replace the multivitamin that I just ran out of with something that contains FOLATE instead of folic acid. I read an article recently about the evils of folic acid.

What supplements do you take and why?  Do you have any experience with the supplements I have mentioned?

***Disclaimer, I am in NO WAY a doctor or an expert.  This is information I found via my own research and may not be the right choice for all people.  Always seek medical advice from a medical professional.***

PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

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