Friendsgiving Festivities

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This year we have decided to get together with a couple of our closest friends and their families to celebrate Thanksgiving before the big day. Something fun and memorable and low stress. I am super excited. As a child of divorced parents holidays have been such a source of tension in my life for so many years. I want to make new traditions free from all of that for my own little family.
We are planning to have each family bring a soup and a pie to share. Soup and pie. So simple. So FUN! Who doesn’t like soup and pie?!

No checking the turkey to make sure it’s cooked enough to prevent stomach illnesses. No checking the turkey to make sure it’s not so cooked we will choke to death eating it. Just happy, simple, soup and pie!


Now I’m not sure what kind of soup we will be bringing. The Bearded Man isn’t a huge fan of soups, but he usually digs things like lobster bisque, so I’m thinking I’ll go in that general direction if I can.

On the other hand, the pie will be some kind of apple concoction. We have a plethora of apples at the moment.

I’m considering doing more of a crisp like this one from Joy In Our Journey because I’m beginning to get back on track with THM (Trim Healthy Mama). However, the hosting family isn’t really a fan of THM (yet!) so I may go a more traditional route with something like this apple pie from Spend With Pennies. It looks so easy and delicious!

We also plan to do some crafts to make memories and keep all the kiddos occupied. Our favorite options are using a paper rollto make leaf rubbings with crayons and creating a gratitude tree like this one from Creative Juice. I really hope to establish traditions that focus the children on gratitude and I think having our own centerpieces focused on that idea is the perfect idea!

What have you done for your “Friendsgiving” festivities? I would love to hear more ideas!

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