Fairy Wonderland Bedroom Little Girl’s Dream Room DIY for Around $100

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What little girl doesn’t love magical, fairytale inspired beautiful spaces? Beginning last summer our older daughter started begging for a “fairy bedroom” for Christmas. Hrm. A fairy bedroom? What? Why? How?

I have no clue where this idea entered her sweet little head, but I was hellbent to make it a reality. I started going crazy on Pinterest looking for ideas to fit this request. Honestly I was feeling a bit lost.

Then I decided it would be smart to get some input from her 3 year old mind to make sure I was on the right track.

At Target we scoured the different bedding options until she fell in love with this ultra feminine fluffy pink pinch pleated comforter set. Ok, I can work with that!

Total Cost: $40 (but we got ours for like $25 with a good sale)

From there I decided our window treatments needed a major overhaul, so I “splurged” on 4 room darkening panels in a white and grey pattern. The pattern wasn’t my first choice *but* they were the most cost effective option PLUS they can easily be used in another room if they won’t work in the girls’ room at some point in the future. Score.

Total Cost: $40 (again these were on sale so we paid a bit less)

However, once these were hung, I realized I didn’t love the look of the tops of the windows on an el cheapo rod. It felt unfinished.

Thankfully we had a few yards of plain white muslin fabric hanging out without any purpose in sight. And a few more cheapie curtain rods. So I bought a spool of fat pink grosgrain ribbon and made some elegant curtain toppers for a couple dollars out pocket.

Total Cost: $3

I then decided a fairy bedroom NEEDS flowers and whimsy. So I bought some white tissue paper pom poms from Dollar Tree (these could have been made bigger, better, and cheaper on my own but I was racing the clock to get everything made and wrapped for Christmas morning. Compromises happen.). I also found a couple of beautiful floral printables online and framed them by repurposing some silver frames we already had on our DIY photo shelves.

Total Cost: $5

One was a free printable that says “The Earth laughs in flowers” from Yellow Bliss Road that I felt so madly in love with I could barely contain my excitement. Another is a floral circle I bought for $2 from the Etsy shop Makes My Day Happy and added my own sisters quote into using Canva. Lastly, I bought a fairy printable from the same Etsy shop for another $3 and added a quote about fairies from Peter Pan.

They are so lovely, I couldn’t be much happier for the $5 that cost me.

While I was at Dollar Tree I found ribbon in the PERFECT shade of pink to match that comforter my daughter had selected. And I have a major obsession with buntings and ribbon garlands. They’re just so pretty and happy and fun. So for about $8 I made a pretty ribbon garland to hang on the wall under the fairy artwork. Instant wow factor.

Total Cost: $11

I also got it in my head that their room NEEDED one of those amazing floral letters. So I made one that tied their middle names together. I bought a huge letter E and smaller letters for the rest of their middle names (Grace and Hope). I painted all of the letters with pink chalk paint and I hot glued some beautiful silk flowers onto the letter E.

Total Cost: $20ish

Since it was Christmastime, of course there were Christmas decorations galore being displayed at Target (I think we may have a slight Target addiction in our family). Anywho, our older daughter was intrigued by this small white tree that lit up when you pressed a button. And I got pretty enthralled with the idea of adding that touch of woodland whimsy to their fairy bedroom. When those suckers went on major discount I snagged one for $7 with so much glee in my heart I could barely contain myself. Prettiest nightlight EVER.

I also became ecstatic when I saw that those teensy wired fairy lights were included in Christmas clearance. I grabbed two sets and practically skipped out of the store with joy. Instant fairy jar magic.

Total Cost: $15ish

On a trip to the craft store a month or so ago our older daughter saw those tiny wooden bird houses you can paint. She thought they were so cute so we let her get one. She and I painted it with leftover pink chalk paint together for some special time and it’s now a little fairy house that sits on their dresser.

I would still like to paint the dresser in the bedroom white and I would love to paint the walls, but for very little money our daughters’ rental bedroom is a magical haven they can feel proud to show off.

Final Cost: $110ish 

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18 thoughts on “Fairy Wonderland Bedroom Little Girl’s Dream Room DIY for Around $100

    1. Jen, your girls’ room turned out so pretty! Pink and gold is one of my favorite combos right now and those polka dot curtains are perfection in there! I hope they love their beautiful little haven <3 Your painting progress pics have me even itchier to paint my girls' room!

    1. Tabitha, I’m happy to report my 3 year old adores her pretty room, the 1 year old doesn’t seem to have much opinion about it yet 😆

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