Diapers and Formula: How We Saved Well Over $8,000 on Two Children 2 and Under

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I have no clue how legit BabyCenter’s first-year baby costs calculator is BUT according to them (and I think they would sorta know) I have saved our family WELL over $8,000 since our first child was born with two simple choices.

Two things that I would want to do for my family anyway.  Two things that when you know how much money you’re saving become amazing, delicious gravy on that crunchy high horse people immediately believe you’re riding.

Cloth Diapers.


Yee-fucking-haw, baby!

That’s it folks.  My boobs and the godsend modern invention of the washing machine (and dryer) are to thank for huge cash savings raising these babies.

Is cloth diapering always the most convenient choice?  When you forget to switch the wet diapers to the dryer, nope. Or worse yet, when you forget to start the cloth diaper wash cycle until it’s past the last minute and there are adorable naked baby hineys waiting to wet the carpeted areas of your home (thankfully our home has hard surface flooring outside of two closets, but that’s where the messes happen!).  Those things sort of suck.  However, washing cloth diapers is crazy easy. If you can load a washing machine and add detergent, you’ve got this.  Promise.  You’ll also have a fatter wallet. Plus it’s way easier to run a load of laundry than run to the store with kids in tow. Forreal. You’re welcome.

Savings: at least $6000

Choosing to feed our children as nature intended has saved us more boat loads of money.  Like thousands and thousands of dollars.  Sure, breastfeeding can be inconvenient.  Yes.  Some women truly cannot breastfeed.  However, as the human race has existed for eons dependent on human breastmilk, the OVERWHELMING majority of women CAN breastfeed with the proper education and support (another topic I am passionate about!).  Given all the other benefits to both mother and baby I am truly baffled when so many women don’t give breastfeeding a true effort before turning to formula.

Savings: at least $3000

Are these two choices for every family?  Of course not!  However, they are two very simple ways to save your growing family thousands of dollars. Cloth diapering and breastfeeding are decisions I would have made regardless of the cost difference because I truly believe they are the healthiest and most responsible choices I can make when caring for my children.  Discovering how much money I could save while choosing to cloth diaper and breastfeed simply further solidified my resolve.  Both of my children began wearing cloth diapers as newborns and neither one of them ever had a drop of formula.  Two incredibly simple, “crunchy” choices saved our family a ton of cash.

Tell me what you have done to save your growing family money!  I always love hearing of other ways families have found to make raising children more affordable.

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17 thoughts on “Diapers and Formula: How We Saved Well Over $8,000 on Two Children 2 and Under

    1. Glad you got to enjoy the savings of breastfeeding! I never would have imagined myself being a cloth diaper mama, but after seeing how much money we would save I became determined to make it work- and it turned out to be WAY EASIER than I anticipated. It’s turned out to be one of those things that gets unnecessarily overcomplicated when you research it but is actually quite simple 💙

  1. I always thought how glad I was that breastfeeding came easy since formula is so expensive!! We cloth diaper as well, and are now using them with kid #2. I do by disposables for when we are out, or when I’m like “oh sh*t… I forgot to wash the cloth diapers”… 😉

    1. Haha yessss we’ve definitely had those moments- mostly since having our second child lol. We use cloth when out most of the time but there’s no denying it’s nice to be able to toss a disposable on the go 😉

  2. Great ways to save a ton of money! I’m past my baby days but it’s interesting to see the numbers tallied up on how much you can actually save with these simple choices.

    1. I am so glad breastfeeding worked out for our family because I can’t imagine having to get up and make bottles, kudos to those who do!

  3. We went the same route! it was so exciting to not pay for diapers at all for my second child. Also, I just felt really great about our contributions to the planet. (Bonus: we sold the used diapers too!)

  4. Breastfeeding has saved us TREMENDOUSLY. Even now, I won’t switch my 13 month old to cows milk or goats milk because it’s more expensive lol.

    1. Way to go! I joke with my husband about how much more money we would spend on milk if the kiddos were more dependent on it (rather than mama milk).

  5. Yay!! I love seeing other breastfeeding, cloth diapering mama’s:) Same here, sister. We’ve gotten disposables when traveling, just so we don’t have to worry about washing them in altering water hardness (we had one bad experience with repelling and stuff and I hate stripping diapers) and my husband and I are always relieved that we don’t have to spend that every week! But yes, the struggle is real with the laundry that never ends haha I have a basket full that need to be stuffed right now 😉

    1. Well hello there fellow crunchy mama! I hadn’t even considered the hazards of washing while traveling, yikes! Stripping is definitely not my favorite.

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