FREE Printable Spring Quote Watercolor Floral Wreath

Happy Spring, Mama!

There is nothing like those first glorious days of this new season to refresh our spirits.

The warm sun upon our faces.  The birds singing and the bees buzzing.  The sweet little faces of the flowers peeking out to greet us.

I hope you are blooming too, sweet mama.

Spring reminds us that the doldrums of winter don’t last forever.  It signals us to shake off the cobwebs and come fully alive.  The rhythm of the seasons- rest and then rebirth- brings us comfort in its predictability.

spring floral watercolor wreath quote

What are you doing today to help yourself thrive?

Are you remembering to absorb the beauty around you?  To be fully present and revel in the moment?

I hope you do something wonderful today.  That memories are made.

Maybe you will drink your coffee in the backyard.  Perhaps it’s a great day to take the kids for a hike or out to the park.  A nap in the sunshine always feels luxurious. You could even plan a little garden plot with your children- just a small container garden could bring a lot of learning and enjoyment to all of you! Whatever it is, be all there.

Soak it in, sweet mama. Enjoy today.

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If you are feeling a bit wilted despite the changFree Self Care for Moms Printable Workbooke of seasons, please treat yourself to my beautiful FREE 30-page self-care workbook.

A labor of love to encourage self-care, created to rejuvenate you.

For more encouragement in your mothering journey take a look around here.

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FREE Printable Self-Care Quote Blossoms

Motherhood is glorious, but it’s also exhausting. Take some time to take care of yourself, sweet mama.

It’s way too easy to get swept away in all the things that need doing.  All the care that has to be put into everything else. Sometimes we need a little reminder to remember ourselves.

Self-care is a real need.

I made this lovely FREE printable as a little reminder to you. Print it out and place it somewhere that you’ll notice it throughout the day.  Entering your info into the form will provide you with the file to download which will remove the watermark. Enjoy!

Mama, if you’re feeling burned out and weary I have another FREE gift just for youI created a 30 page self-care workbook with 7 days of guided reflection and actionable steps to help you bloom again.

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2017 Calendar and Weekly Planners Free Printables

I don’t know about y’all, but it’s time to start working on a calendar for 2017 in this house!  I can’t believe how long and how short a year can seem all at once, but as 2016 is drawing to a close that is how I feel.  It was a really tough year in some ways, but it brought us a lot of beauty and joy in life as well.  We watched our daughters grow together as sisters, added another family member (Charley Girl!), faced challenges, deepened friendships, and reached as well as set new goals.

Anywho, this momma has to stay organized.  Keeping track of four humans and two animals and a house and school and businesses is a lot of work!  So I like to tangibly write everything down on a physical calendar and planner pages.  Kudos to those of you who make digital calendars work.  I always forget to check those.  Or to even use them at all. Which is ridiculous because I pretty much have my phone with me at all times so it should be a relatively simple task to convert myself to some sort of calendar usage from there, but I just can’t.

Writing things down helps me remember them.  It brings me a sense of order and calm that I just can’t replicate on my phone or computer.  I’ve decided I am okay with this quirk of mine and I assume I am not the only person on the planet who needs a cute but simple calendar to organize her days and months and years! So here you go, dear readers.  I am sharing my sweet but simple 2017 calendar, weekly planner, and weekly schedule.


The weekly printables can be used however you see fit.  I will use the one with time slots to help set our weekly rhythm.  The one without time slots will be duplicated with one copy used for meal planning and the other as a weekly calendar reminder for the fridge.  I like to print these off and keep them in a clear sheet protector so that I can hang them on the refrigerator and write on them with dry erase markers.  It’s my little system that works well for me!

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