Being Booed and Booing Others, It’s All in a Happier Halloween!

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I hope everyone had a happy Halloween! Have you been “Booed” before? We received our very first “Boo” a few weeks ago (I’m a little out of season now talking about it, but that’s ok). It seriously was such a fun surprise to discover!

Whoever left us a Boo placed everything in a jack’o’lantern bucket in our front bushes with a card (the mystery as to who it was remains, and that is much of the fun!). We received a DVD of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, some sweet treats, some Halloween stickers and temporary tattoos. The bigger Little Miss was super excited about the tattoos until one was placed on her belly and she realized it wasn’t actually a sticker. Thankfully I was able to wipe it off without too much panic escalation.

My favorite part of the Boo we received was a Halloween cookie decorating kit. It had pumpkin shaped cookies packaged with orange and green icing tubes and leaf shaped sprinkles. I really appreciated having such a small child friendly activity to do with the bigger Little Miss that didn’t take too much prep work or clean up for me. We were able to sneak in this sweet bonding activity while the smaller Little Miss took a morning nap. It was delightful having that stress free kit ready to go at the spur of the moment. The bigger Little Miss was tickled to very meticulously place each leaf sprinkle into the green “grass” frosting while I tried to recreate the cute jack’o’lantern faces on each cookie as depicted on the box. Our end result was pretty adorable in my opinion.


The fun we had with the Boo was two-fold because part of the responsibility to being “Booed” is to Boo someone else. The bigger Little Miss was delighted to put together Halloween treats to surprise some sweet friends of ours. I loved that she knew how good she was helping her friends feel with her surprise because she had just had such a fun experience receiving our Boo.

To leave our Boo I used these adorable free printables from Crazy Little Projects. I did a simple Google image search and these popped up with their cute polka dots, I was sold. We let bigger Little Miss choose which friends to surprise and then dropped it off as stealthily as we could. They *did* figure out who left it because she couldn’t resist practicing writing the first letter of her name all over their card, but it was still super fun for everyone!

Mysterious leaver of our Boo, thank you again, it definitely made our Halloween even more special!

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